Personal Services

Maybe you are just not happy with your current tax preparer, or you have never used one but feel the need for one. We are here to help. We provide individuals with a wide array of services, including income tax preparation, representation on tax audits, amended returns, and so forth. 

Tax Services

Alot of times an individual may use the services of a chain tax preparation company, and receive notices from the IRS, state, or even both at times. What the chains fail to mention is that their staff, for the most part, is trained only for a few weeks, and is not well versed in the tax code. 

Sometimes, an individual may utilize a CPA, if not for the comfort of their mind, but not realizing that a CPA is not the only one who is capable of preparing a tax return. This usually leads to an inflated bill, and sometimes confusion.

NYCTaxguys is a great alternative to the chain tax preparation company and the CPA. We have over 10 years of experience, and is extremely well versed in the tax code. We can provide you with the following services:

  1. Individual income tax planning
  2. Income tax planning
  3. Back taxes
  4. Representation for audits
  5. Amended filings

Financial Planning

Individuals may find themselves receiving a lump sum distribution from either a lawsuit, passing of a family member, or even hit it big with the lottery. It is important to understand all implications involved with income being received that is not common with your annual income. You may have filing requirements to pay estimated taxes, or it may even be tax free. 

NYCTaxguys can help you with decision making when it comes to these questions. We can assist you with decisions on:

  1. Retirement planning
  2. Estate planning
  3. Investing
  4. Tax planning

And many others!